IG XI 4, 618

Herakleitos from Kalchedon, the son of [ . . . . ]ndros?: interpreter

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3rd century BC


[Ἡ]ρακλείτου Καλχ[ηδονίου].
ἔδοξεν τῆι βουλῆι κα[ὶ]
τῶι δήμωι· Ἀναξιμένη[ς]
Ἡγησαγόρου εἶπεν· ἐπε[ι]-
5 [δὴ Ἡράκλει]τος [ἀγα]θὸς [ὢν]
ἀνὴρ διατελεῖ περὶ τὸ ἱε-
ρὸν καὶ τὴν πόλιν τὴν Δηλ[ί]-
ων, ἀναγνώσεις τε τῶι θε[ῶι]
ποιούμενος καὶ ἰδίαι τοῖς [ἐν]
10 τυγχάνουσι τῶν πολιτῶ[ν]
χρείας παρεχόμενος· δε[δόχ]
θαι τῶι δήμωι· εἶναι Ἡράκ[λει]-
τον . . . . νδρο̣υ̣ Καλχ[ηδ]όνιον . . . .

Translations (en):

“(Decree) of Herakleitos from Kalchedon. It was resolved by the boule and the demos: Anaximenes, the son of Hegesagoras, proposed: since Herakleitos continues to be a honorable man towards the sanctuary and the city of Delos, to deliver public readings, and to provide services to those of the citizens privately appealing to him: it has been resolved by the demos, that Herakleitos from Kalcheidon the son of [ . . . . ]ndros? shall be …”

Translations (it):
“(Decreto) di Herakleitos di Calcedonia. Sembrò bene al consiglio e all’assemblea: Anaximenes figlio di Hegesagoras propose: poiché Herakleitos continua a dimostrarsi un uomo benevolo nei riguardi del santuario e della città dei Delii, a eseguire pubbliche letture per il dio e a procurare vantaggi privatamente a coloro tra i cittadini che si rivolgono a lui, è sembrato bene all’assemblea che Herakleitos di Calcedonia figlio di [ . . . . ]ndros? sia …

This proxeny decree informs us about the activity pursued by Herakleitos from Kalchedon in Delos: he delivered public readings and acted in favor of the citizens. It is not possible to gather if the ἀναγνώσεις concerned new compositions or works and tales in which the Delian audience was well acquainted.