Demokles from Thebae, the son of Ameinias


Occupation: ἐπῶν ποιητής


victor at the Mouseia in Thespies, ca. 118/112 or post84BC;

victor for the ἐνκωμίωι ἐπικῶι at the Amphiaraia and Rhomaia in Oropos, ca. 80/50BC;

if the reconstruction Δημοκλῆς [Ἀμινί]ου Θηβαῖος is correct, victor at the Agrionia or Rhomaia for epic poetry in Thebae, 1st centuryBC;

traveled from Boiotia, Central Greece

Source: IThesp 170, ll. 20-1 Petrakos 1997, 523, ll. 9-10; Reisch 1885, p. 127 n. XI, ll. 7-8