Glaukias from Thebae, the son of Sosandros


Occupation: κῆρυξ, ὑποκριτής τραγῳδίας


victor as κῆρυξ at the Ptoia in Akraiphia, post 85BC;

victor as κῆρυξ and ὑποκριτής τραγῳδίας at the Amphiaraia and Rhomaia in Oropos, ca. 80/50BC;

victor at the Amphiaraia in Oropos, ca. 80/50BC;

traveled from Boiotia, Central Greece

Source: Bizard, BCH 44 (1920), p 251, ll. 11-12; Petrakos 1997, 526, ll. 9-10, 29-30 Petrakos 1997, 524, ll. 1-2