Kallistratos from Thebae, the son of Exakestos


Occupation: ὑποκριτὴς κωμῳδιῶν, κωμῳδός


victor as ὑποκριτὴς κωμῳδιῶν at the Amphiaraia and Rhomaia in Oropos, ca. 80/50BC;

victor as κωμῳδός at the Charitesia and Homoloia in Orchomenos, 1st Century BC;

his name is in the list of technitai in Argos.

Traveled from Thebae

Source: Petrakos 1997, 526 ll.33-34; IG VII 3197 ll.22-23, 48-49; Charneux, BCH 77 (1953) p. 402