Nikostratos from Thebae, the son of Philostratos


Occupation: κωμῳδός, κιθαρῳδός


victor as κωμῳδός at the Charitesia in Oropos, 1st centuryBC;

victor twice as κωμῳδός at the Charitesia and Homoloia in Orchomenos, 1st centuryBC;

if the interpretation is correct, victor at the Amphiaraia and Rhomaia in Oropos, ,ca. 80/50BC;

traveled from Boiotia, Central Greece

Source: IG VII 3195, ll. 23-4; IG VII 3196, ll. 21-2; 36-7 Petrakos 1997, 524, ll. 15-6