Call for Inspiration: Narrating the Stones

In the spirit of fostering interaction and engagement with students and artists, we plan to carry out a hands-on activity aimed at enlivening the study of ancient Greece while sparking curiosity, cultivating creativity, and providing stimuli for further exploration. We invite students to engage with “stone-narration”, an endeavor successfully implemented by the Museo Nazionale Romano that fits well with the poeti vaganti phenomenon, as inscriptions are the crucial tools telling their stories. We also invite artists at engaging with the idea of the project in whichever artistic form they feel. Creating stories and artistic products that spark from and follow the lines of inscriptions can use primary sources to build b

ridges to the past and its rich heritage. “For what we must learn to do,” as Aristotle said, “we learn by doing” (Arist., Nicomac. 1103a). We hope to emphasize the importance of one’s personal experience in the learning process: if you wish your students to be part of this experiment, please let us know and we will be happy to find ways to collaborate.

Cast a glance at the work carried out by artists and students engaging with creation on the project’s concept and with stone-narration.