IG XI 4, 613

Praxiphanes of Mytilene, the son of Dionysiphanes: philosopher and γραμματικός View XML Date: Edition: 270-260 BC θεοί.ἔδοξεν τῆι βουλῆι καὶ τῶι δήμωι·Χοιρύλος Θαρσύνοντος εἶπεν·ἐπειδὴ Πραξιφάνης vacat5 Διονυσιφάνους χρήσιμος ὢνδιατελεῖ τῆι πόλει τῆι Δηλίωνκαὶ ποεῖ ὅ τι δύναται ἀγαθὸνΔηλίους καὶ… Read more


Occupation: philosopher Events: Fragmentary proxeny decree, attesting to the presence of the philosopher in Delos. The stone is featured with a parasemon whose iconography is difficult to recognize. 300-250 BC. Source:… Read more

Praxiphanes from Mytilene, the son of Dionysiphanes

Occupation: philosopher, γραμματικός Events: Proxeny decree attesting to the activity of the famous peripatetic Praxiphanes, ἑταῖρος and μαθητής of Theophrastus. The form of the decree is very standard and it is not possible to reckon what was the activity of Praxiphanes on the island of Delos. Source: IG IX 4, 613… Read more