Asia Minor

Kaphisias from Thebae

Occupation: αὐλητής Events: 284BC, under the archonship of Aristokritos; ἐπιδείξεις τῶι θεῶι in Delos, player at Alexandros wedding in Susa; episode of his career as a teacher; traveled from Boiotia, Central Greece to Delos, Euboia and Greater Syria and East Source:, l.22;;… Read more

Heris from Calchedon

Occupation: κιθαριστής Events: 282BC, under the archonship of Kleostratos; ἐπιδείξεις τῶι θεῶι in Delos; traveled from Bithynia, Asia Minor to Delos Source:, l.18… Read more