The cultural landscape of the Hellenistic period is many-sided and, in order to obtain a good vision of its shadowed angles, we need to look past the literature flourishing in the court and focus on the arts performed in the city. In the frame of popular literature and entertainment, we acknowledge… Read more


“A digital tool for the PTANOIS POSIN project: the Poeti Vaganti website,” Ancient Maker Space Panel, AIA-SCS Annual Meeting, 7 January 2022. “Considerazioni sul fenomeno dei professionisti di giro nella Grecia ellenistica e presentazione del progetto digitale Poeti Vaganti,” VII Seminario Avanzato di Epigrafia Greca, Sapienza Università di Roma, 26-28 gennaio 2022. Read more

Dissemination Activities

“Performing Delphi. A Glance over the Pythia through its Editions and Artists,” Delphic Preview – Festival of the Muses, 19-20 June 2020. Radio Interview, Radio Roma Capitale, 16 May 2021. Radio Interview, Radio Vaticana, 16 May 2021. Read more

Call for Inspiration: Narrating the Stones

In the spirit of fostering interaction and engagement with students and artists, we plan to carry out a hands-on activity aimed at enlivening the study of ancient Greece while sparking curiosity, cultivating creativity, and providing stimuli for further exploration. We invite students to engage with “stone-narration”, an endeavor successfully implemented… Read more