Occupation: philosopher Events: Fragmentary proxeny decree, attesting to the presence of the philosopher in Delos. The stone is featured with a parasemon whose iconography is difficult to recognize. 300-250 BC. Source:… Read more

Menekles from Teos, the son of Dionysios

Occupation: ambassador, κιθαρῳδός, interpreter Events: Traveled from Teos to the cities of Crete. In Knosos and Priansos, Menekles delivered demonstrations on ancient poets and collected an anthology from the ancient historiographers. Source: ICret I 24_1* ICret I 8_11… Read more


Occupation: poet Events: Maiistas is the poet of the Delian aretalogy of Sarapis, whose inscription has been found in the Sarapieion C and dates between the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 2nd century BC. The poem is introduced by a prose narration of the hiereus Apollonios… Read more


Occupation: μουσικός Events: Proxeny decree for an unknown μουσικός, who was involved with teaching in the gymnasium of Delphi and offered numerous ἀκροάσεις. He was honored with praise and crown and despite the fragmentary text the prominence of this artist is still clear. End I cent. BC Source:… Read more


Occupation: μαγῳδός Events: proxeny decree in Delphi, first half I cent. BC Bibliography: Robert 1938, 7 n. 1… Read more


Occupation: μουσικός Events:  Demonstration in middle-way conventions with spirit of competition, Delphi (Cinalli 2014a) Source:  Daux, BCH 63 (1939), 161-162… Read more


Father of Demetrios, ποιητὴς προσοδίων, from Tanagra Occupation: vacat Events:… Read more


Father of Theodotos, ῥαψῳδός, χορευτής, συναγωνιστής τραγῳδίας… Read more