FD III 3, 128

Satyros of Samos, the son of Eumenes: αὐλητής, κιθαρῳδός, singer, composer(?) View XML Date: end 3rd-init 2nd century BC Edition: Σάτυρος Εὐμένους Σάμιος·τούτωι πρώτωι συμβέβηκεν μόνωιἄνευ ἀνταγωνιστῶν αὐλῆσαιτὸν ἀγῶνα καὶ ἀξιωθέντα ἐπιδοῦ-5 ναι τῶι θεῶι καὶ τοῖς Ἕλλησι μετὰτὸν γυμνικὸν τῆι θυσίαι ἐν τῶι στα-… Read more

Charinos from Boiotia, the son of Menalkes

Occupation: singer, ἡγεμὼν τοὺς ἄνδρας Events: victor as ἡγεμὼν τοὺς ἄνδρας at the Soteria in Delphi, ca. 226/216 BC; three choregic inscriptions in Orchomenos, 3rd century BC; traveled from Central Greece Source: FD III, 4 127, ll. 10-1; Amandry-Spyropoulos, BCH 98 (1974), pp. 196-200, n. 12-4… Read more

Praxiteles from Athenae, the son of Theogenos

Occupation: κωμῳδός, τραγῳδός, singer, χορευτής, κῆρυξ, ephebe Events: ephebe under the archonship of Menoitos in Athenaeparticipant as κωμῳδός at the 3rd Athenians Pythais in Delphi, 105 BC; participant as χορευτής in performing the paean and τραγῳδός at the 4th Athenians Pythais in Delphi, 97BC; victor as κῆρυξ and second prize… Read more