The Boeotian festivals constituted one of the most crucial points of convergence for professionals of the performative arts. According to the arrangement of the local festivals between the spring and fall, the virtuosi could organize their attendance as an agonistic circuit throughout the region. The majority of them came from… Read more

The Hellenistic circuits

From the 5th century BC, the four panhellenic festivals of the Olympia, Pythia, Isthmia and Nemeia were the places of pride for the περίοδος, an agonistic circuit intended to be fully attended by athletes. Artists skilled in music and poetry could partially show off along this panhellenic route (Pythia, Isthmia… Read more

Delos – demonstrations/competitions for the god

For the long period between 284 and 168 BC, the Tabulae Archontum attests to kermesses that seem distinct from the main festivals organized on Delos. At the bottom of lists of expenses and catalogues of the Apollonia and Dionysia, these events are introduced by the formula οἵδε ἐπεδείξαντο τῶι θεῶι… Read more

Delphi – Soteria

The Delphian festival of the Soteria had been instituted by the Amphictyons as an annual thanksgiving festival to commemorate a victory over the Celts in 279 BC. As the Aetolians legitimized and sealed their control over Delphi, they generated propaganda around their self-declared role in the Gallic repulse from the… Read more